Plot Twist Quickies Press On Nails
Plot Twist Quickies Press On Nails
Plot Twist Quickies Press On Nails
Plot Twist Quickies Press On Nails

Plot Twist Quickies Press On Nails

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Who doesn't love a good Quickie? Our reusable, press-on nails are designed to give you back your time and money without sacrificing a cute, IG worthy mani. Use our signature application method for a long lasting, satisfying Quickie that you can wear for weeks. Seriously, it doesn't matter if you're opening your favourite canned bevy, struggling with overweight luggage at the airport, or whatever floats your boat — these bad boys aren't no one minute man *wink*wink*. 



  • 24 nails in 10 sizes (fits average, petite, and large sized nails)
  • Liquid Glue  (Ingredients:  Ethyl Cyanoacrylate, Polymethyl, Methacrylate, BHA, CI 15850 Tocopherol, Panthenol, Retinyl Palmitate)
  • Nail File


COLOUR: Natural, White, Black
LENGTH: Medium
DESIGN: Negative Space, Lines
SHAPE: Coffin


Please note that due to sanitary reasons we do not offer returns or exchanges on any of these products after they are opened.


We want your Quickies to last which is why we've tested and tried many application methods to find the one that hits all the spots.

Each order of Quickies comes with a card that includes our step-by-step application method or you can watch our Press Ed video for a more in-depth tutorial.


Like most quickies, no two last the exactly the same.

If applied using our signature application method a good Quickie on average lasts 1-1.5 weeks.


Yes! Unlike a salon manicure you can get multiple wears out of your Quickies.

We just recommend gently filing off any excess glue before going for a second or third round.


"My natural nails usually grow pretty well but right before my wedding several of them tore, and I needed a solution that would be easy, beautiful, and quick. I saw Quickies on the Birds Papaya’s Instagram, and decided to give them a try. I put them on the day before my wedding and I was absolutely blown away by how gorgeous they ended up. The application was straight forward and easy, they are great quality, and it was great they came with multiple sizes so I could find the best fit for each nail (making them very comfortable!). They were a touch too long for my liking but were easy to file down a touch once they were glued on! None of them have lifted, I didn’t lose a single nail, and I felt so happy knowing that in all my wedding photos my nails would look beautiful with my ring. I actually can’t explain how impressed I am with Quickies, they were exactly what I needed. Thank you for creating these!" -Leah

"These have honestly been the best press on nails I have EVER experienced! I am currently on day 14 with them an they still look fabulous. Just yesterday my pinky one popped off, but only because I jammed it against the wall accidentally. My natural nail looked flawless, no damage. I was able to pop that sucker back on in no time and carry on with my day. I am addicted, and have now ordered 5 more from the new drop earlier this week. Thanks so much!"- Stephanie

"Love the fit and feel of my nails. We even hiked up a mountain with a scramble and didn’t chip or break a nail!"- Tracey

"It’s easy and does last the 2 weeks!"- Earl

"This is taken on day 3 of my quickies and they still feel as rock solid as they did on day 1! Very happy with the result, love this style and color!"- Catherine

"It's day 12 and they are still going strong. I did decide to trim and file the nails since they were a little too long for me, but they filled/cut really nice. Would buy again."-Lindsay

"Easy to apply, look really good - get lots of compliments"- Kim

"These nails are the best press ons I’ve ever used! Sizes were great and I haven’t had one pop off and it’s already been over a week closing in on two weeks! Would definitely recommend to anyone!"-Amanda

"Lasted way longer than I was expecting - got over two weeks of wear and will plan to wear them again. I got SO many compliments on the design!"-Erika