Woodsmoke and Gin Candle

Woodsmoke and Gin Candle

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The smell of camping poured into a candle. Distinct notes of smoked spruce tips mingle with clean, fresh woods of balsam and pine. Balanced with herbal eucalyptus and juniper berry

Settle back and relax to the mesmerizing crackle & flicker of the wood wick and masculine natural scents with our Man Candles.

At many of the shows we attend we saw lots of lovely couples browsing our soy candles, and most of the time, the guys looked so bored!

So we got to work blending up some manlier essential oil scents and added in a wooden wick for a finishing touch -- when we saw the guys start to get interested in candles too, we knew we were on to something :)

Man Candles are one of Natura Soy's most popular products, and are quite popular with the ladies as well!

With unique scents like Cedarwood Tobacco, Vanilla Bourbon, and Woodsmoke Gin, these are a perfect addition to any bachelor pad, man cave, or any space in your home that could use a little extra character.

Why Man Candles:

  • Awesome gift for any special guy in your life
  • One-of-a-kind masculine scent blends blended with all natural essential oils
  • Wooden wick for an earthy look and a soothing campfire crackle


  • 50+ hours of luxurious burn time per Man Candle


  • We always recommend to ensure that your first burn is always to a full melt pool (wax melted to the edge of the jar)
  • Always trim your wick! Wood wicks need to be short and level. We recommend using old nail clippers!
  • You’ll love the natural flame & crackle of these wicks!

Wood wicks burn a bit differently than cotton wicks, so if you’re new to these, make sure you check out our post on how to easily keep your wooden wick candle burning nicely here -- don’t worry it’s nothing complicated :)



"Love the scent! The jar looks very stylish and the wick is like a mini campfire!" -Jilly

"My fiance and I both love this candle so much. He is usually bothered by scnets, but every candle I have lit from Natura he has loved, and so have I. The wood wick gives off a slight crackling and adds to the experience. 10/10!" -Randi

"Beautiful candles, luxurious scent and burning experience. Everyone in the family enjoys this grounding scent in the house heping to unwind after a long day. Looking forward to re-purchasing and trying other scents." -Caitlin H.

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