Settle Down | Calming Toner & Body Spray
Settle Down | Calming Toner & Body Spray

Settle Down | Calming Toner & Body Spray

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Settle Down is a calming spray for pillow, face and body.  A great addition to the entire family's bedtime routine, and we've added witch hazel and coconut oil, so it also doubles as a hydrating facial toner with a blend of organic essential oils including lavender. 

Available in 125ml and 30ml glass bottles.


My best friend

There is nothing I wouldn't do for this product.

Since bringing Settle Down into my life, I have never looked back. As often as I remember (usually 4x a week), I will spray my pillows with Settle Down and let it work its magic. The scent is comforting and not overpowering.

My boyfriend has recorded his "deepest sleeps in months" on a few occasions that I've sprayed Settle Down without him noticing.

I cannot wait to bring this with me travelling and anywhere I need to feel relaxed. Cannot recommend enough.

100% YES!

Let me first start by saying, WOW! During Quarantine 2020, I have been trying to improve my sleep schedule and sleep in general. When I saw that K’pure had a “sleeping spray”, I knew that I just had to get it and I was definitely not disappointed. My first impression was, wow this spray smells fantastic and is just sooo relaxing. As soon as I sprayed it on my pillows and laid down, I just knew that I would pass out right away. Sure enough, I just did that. The next day, my partner who doesn’t have the greatest sleeping schedule asked if he could use it and I said of course! Within 30 minutes or so, he passed out like a light. We have both been using the spray now religious and plan on buying the bigger bottle once our bottle runs out!