Super Powder Dry Shampoo
Super Powder Dry Shampoo
Super Powder Dry Shampoo
Super Powder Dry Shampoo

Super Powder Dry Shampoo

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Bring your hair back to life with our all-natural dry shampoo! Perfect for in-between wash days, Super Powder conveniently absorbs oil and adds subtle volume in one easy step. 

Super Powder is free from hair villains aka parabens and harsh chemicals. Made with good-for-you ingredients, our dry shampoo is vegan and cruelty free—plus it's made in Vancouver. 

It’s lightly scented with refreshing notes of lavender and bergamot and infused with rose quartz crystals to ensure freshness (and make you feel fancy). 

Our bottle is 100% compostable and made from recycled materials. 

Our original formula can be used on all hair types, but if you have super dark hair we recommend trying our dark formula 


  • Apply powder directly to roots, wait 2 minutes (optional), massage or comb into scalp, watch Super Powder work it’s magic. 
  • PS: If it’s your first time using a powder dry shampoo, you might find it to be a bit messy. Don’t worry, it’s all part of the all-natural experience! 


  • Rice Powder, Arrowroot Powder, Lavender Essential Oil, Bergamot Essential Oil, Andean Salt.


"This dry shampoo is my new ride or die. We all know day two or even day three hair is the BEST. This product makes it so much easier."-Kati

"I loved using the dry shampoo. It smelled so good and doesn’t leave our thick dark hair with any white powdery residue! Like a lot of other dry shampoos. Feels so clean and fresh!"-Melissa

"I’ve been using this dry shampoo for several weeks now and find it holds up just as well as the aerosol dry shampoo I had previously been using. I also love that there’s a dark hair option and find it blends into my natural dark roots super well! Checks all the boxes that matter to me: clean ingredients, long lasting, and doesn’t make my hair feel gross."- Joti

"Despite being a die hard supercrush fan I was super skeptical of their dry shampoo when it launched… I have never seen a powder work as well as an aerosol. Well.. shame on me because look no further! This all natural powder dry shampoo is AMAZING! It dispenses with ease, blends without leaving white casting and actually makes your hair look fresh again. Bye bye aerosols and hello supercrush!"-Emma

"I’ve always loved a powder based dry shampoo compared to the spray. The smell of this powdered dry shampoo is AMAZING. They took care to package it in environmentally conscious packaging which is also such a bonus."- Shannon

"I’ve been using it a couple weeks now, and it’s the only dry shampoo that actually works on my straight, fine hair. I put it on before bed and the next day my roots look fresh instead of oily."-Ginny

“ I had been thinking for awhile that I needed a healthier dry shampoo. When Supercrush announced this release I knew I had to get it! As with all of their products, this dry shampoo is very high quality. The packaging is so cute and functional. I love that it leaves your hair feeling soft rather than the chalky feeling you get from traditional dry shampoos. So glad I found a dry shampoo that will keep my hair healthy and looking good!”

“This smells good, and it does not cast a white shadow on my hair at all. The day after using it, my hair still felt super great and I only needed a little more dry shampoo. I love that it is environmentally friendly and healthy for my hair. I was so excited to find a dry shampoo that was better for my hair then the over the counter stuff from the drug store.”

“Super Power is incredible and allows me to go without washing my day for four days, which is crazy since my hair tends to get oily fast. It's a new essential product for me!!”

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