Eucalyptus Mint Pillar Jar

Eucalyptus Mint Pillar Jar

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*Poured in a new shorter, wider jar

Eucalyptus Mint: 
A refreshing cool blend of pure Eucalyptus, Rosemary, Peppermint and Cypress oils

The Pillar Jar is our largest & longest burning soy candle, and will help cozy up your favorite place to relax for months to come.

This baby is a bit large, so it comes with two cotton wicks for extra brightness and scent distribution (make sure you light both for a proper even burn).

You’ll be amazed how cleanly these burn right down to the end, with almost no wax left in the jar.

The pillar jar is perfect when you’ve chosen a scent or two that you just love, and want to keep ready at all times!

Why Pillar Jar:

  • Our largest and longest burning soy candle
  • Double wick candle for extra brightness and scent distribution
  • Keep your favorite scent ready to burn for months on end
  • Large clean design makes for a nice coffee table centerpiece, even when not in use


  • 125+ hours of burn time with basic candle TLC and maintenance 
  • 2 cotton wicks 
  • 25 oz of pure & natural soy wax - hand poured with love


  • Make sure to always burn both wicks with this candle! 
  • Trim your wicks and let the wax melt all the way to edge of the jar for best results


"Absolutely perfect! I ordered these candles for my daughters wedding and they were perfect."

"Love it! Love the scent and the candle lasts for a long time. This is the second pillar candle I've purchased."

"Perfect scent! Not too strong and not too weak and no chemicals! Nice burn as well!"

"The candle is classy, well poured, burns very well. Scent is beautiful, even when the candle is not lit. Thrilled to have found soy candles again! I will definitely purchase from here again."

"Long-Lasting, Perfect Strength, Go-To Candle. I am very sensitive to chemical smells, and will sneeze for the whole day if something is not right. I can't just get the cheap candles, I'll be messed up for days in my own house! Natura candles are fantastic for me. These pillar candles last a long time, they smell great and burn evenly, and they are my go-to."

"Love, love, love the Pillar Jar! It burns evenly and last forever! My favourite!"

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