Get Closer | All Natural Deodorant
Get Closer | All Natural Deodorant
Get Closer | All Natural Deodorant
Get Closer | All Natural Deodorant
Get Closer | All Natural Deodorant

Get Closer | All Natural Deodorant

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Get Closer is the product that launched k'pure Naturals, and we're thrilled at how many people it's helped, as our best-selling product. An all-natural deodorant that really works. 

This light as air whipped mousse is moisturizing, deodorizing and absorbs wetness. Yes, you're going to apply it with your fingers, and touch your armpits. You're also going to waste less, use less, and enjoy the natural benefits and protection.

With uplifting neutral scents, it also works great to prevent smelly feet when applied to the bottoms of clean dry feet, or anywhere else you sweat.

Organic shea butter, organic cocoa butter and almond oil combine to moisturize, activated charcoal absorbs wetness, and aluminum-free baking soda and a blend of essential oils deodorize.

This formulation was five years in the making, and has stood the test of marathon training, bootcamp sessions and everyday life.

How to make the switch:

When transitioning to an all-natural deodorant, your body may need a couple of weeks to adjust. It's best to start with Clean Up as you transition, we formulated to help balance pH and remove toxins from your armpits.

You may notice a detox period. This is your body ridding itself of your old antiperspirant and the chemicals in the antiperspirant. You may notice a rash, heavy perspiration and/or odour. Don't give up!

Apply the deodorant a couple of times a day if needed in the beginning, until your body adjusts to the changes. Avoid using immediately after shaving. Shave in the evening if necessary, to avoid irritation. The longer you use it, the less you need, and you will be able to skip a day while still smelling fresh.

If you notice redness or irritation after a couple of weeks, take a day or two break from the deodorant, or alternate with the Gentle, our baking soda-free version, and then come back to it. It will be worth it, keeping the chemicals out of your body and/or breastmilk.

SCENTS: Original Patchouli/Orange, and Vanilla/Lavender.

SIZES: Mini .05oz (perfect for mid-day touchups) and 2oz.

INGREDIENTS: Organic Shea Butter, Organic Cocoa Butter, Organic Coconut Oil and Sweet Almond Oil, Arrowroot Powder, Activated Charcoal, Aluminum-free baking soda, rosewater,  organic witch hazel and a blend of organic essential oils. 


PLEASE NOTE: your deodorant will melt in warmer temperatures. If it does melt, it will lose the whipped consistency, but it will not affect the efficacy of the deodorant.  Simply give the deodorant a stir with a toothpick and place in the fridge to firm up.



"the BEST deodorant I've ever tried! I can't believe how well this stuff works. I've always had problems searching for deodorants and this one is absolutely perfect! All natural ingredients = no odours and no sweat ALL DAY LONG! I can't believe it" Shali on Jan 12, 2022

"I'll never go back! I've been using Get Closer for years and I'll never go back to any stick deodorant on the market. Its so smooth and it doesn't stain any of my clothing. In pregnancy I switched to the baking soda free kind (due to my skin feeling extra sensitive) and it worked just as well. I've converted so many of my closest (including my manly man!) to k'pure!" Shannon L on Jun 22, 2021

"Excellence in a jar. This is my all time favourite product. I was so relieved to find this deodorant as I was aware of the health issues that can be caused by ingredients of many drug store antiperspirants and deodorants and the "natural" ones I tried just didn't work. I work on a farm plus work out for exercise so my life is very physical. I feel dry and confident using Get Closer even in strenuous activity or heat." Lyn Bull on Jun 12, 2021

"Get Closer works - plain and simple. It is truly an excellent product."

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