Good juju Laundry Strips-2 Scents
Good juju Laundry Strips-2 Scents
Good juju Laundry Strips-2 Scents
Good juju Laundry Strips-2 Scents
Good juju Laundry Strips-2 Scents

Good juju Laundry Strips-2 Scents

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The cleaner, greener way to do laundry
just got even better.

New & improved formula with plant enzymes for extra cleaning power, our innovative laundry strip is a super-concentrated, easy to use way to effectively & sustainably clean your laundry.

  • Now 2x larger than the leading laundry strip
  • New larger pack size – each envelope contains 36 loads and replaces one 1-litre plastic jug
  • Now contains Plant Enzymes for enhanced cleaning power
  • Dissolves quicker - with NO RESIDUE

*Available in Summer Rain scent and Lavender Bloom scent

Good Juju is proudly Carbon Negative. Learn More.

Good Juju Laundry Strips are:

  • Climate-Friendly : Readily biodegradable, and each packet results in a 94% reduction in transport related greenhouse gas emissions compared to liquid alternatives
  • Super-Concentrated : Each strip weighs just 3g, and packs the same power as 50g of premium liquid or powdered detergents
  • Proudly Free From : hormone disrupting parabens, phosphates, added dyes, chlorine bleach, 1,4 dioxane, SLS, animal products, and formaldehyde


How to Use Laundry Strips

1 / Peel off / remove a sheet from the packet.

2 / Tear the sheet in half – each half is one strip, containing enough detergent for one regular sized load of laundry.*

3 / Tear the strip into smaller pieces, and scatter those pieces throughout your laundry load, directly in the drum of your washer.

*For larger or more heavily soiled loads, increase the amount of detergent by simply adding a portion of or a full second strip. For smaller loads or hand washing, use half of a strip.

Ingredients // Vegetable Glycerin, PVA, Starch, Surfactant Cleaning Agents (Alpha Olefin Sulfate, Fatty Alcohol Polyoxyethylene Ether, Sodium Fatty Acid Methanesulfonate), Glycereth cocoate, Protease Enzyme, Bentonite, Deionized Water, Scent (scented strips only)



“Absolutely love the way these strips smell, clean and how good they are for the environment. Good juju is the most amazing company.”

I'm hooked!

So happy that I found this incredible company that is making everyday products that are good for the planet. I usually buy unscented laundry detergent but this Jillian Harris scent is gorgeous and doesn't transfer to your clothes - a win win! This is truly a product you can feel great about using. I'm telling everyone I know about this product and I'm never using a jug of laundry detergent ever again!”

Great cleaning but soft for your sensitive skin!

I've been struggling for almost 2 years to find a good detergent that cleans well but not harsh for my skin. Of course, I often end up with non scent stuff. However, I tried these laundry strips and I fall in love!!!! My skin too! Yup, I took a risk by taking the scented one. So far, so good for my skin! I can't believe how well it works! And no more plastic bottle!! When I look at the quality of this product and the price AND comparing with eco friendly detergent in a plastic bottle, it's not that expensive! I strongly recommend making the switch!”

Wonderful Product

So glad I started using these. So happy with how well they work getting laundry clean, the smell is lovely and I’m reducing the use of plastics.”


Great strips

These strips work very well! I use the unscented ones and laundry smells “clean” and cloths come out clean!. I love that it is a Canadian product, plastic free (super important), I feel I am doing my part in not contributing plastic jugs in landfill. Thank you and keep up the great work!!”


Great product

These are fantastic. Honestly, I have tried laundry strips before and was always disappointed, so my expectations were low. I do a LOT of laundry with three teens in the house, and even my daughter's smelly hockey equipment and everyone's workout gear gets clean and fresh with these strips!”