Balmy Summer Roll On Perfume Oil
Balmy Summer Roll On Perfume Oil

Balmy Summer Roll On Perfume Oil

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Made in Tofino, BC

A year-round fragrance with a musky, deep and complex scent that is warm, spicy yet fresh & subtly luscious.

Sensual, addictive, confident and playful; a scent for all genders that has proven to be the biggest hit.

An everyday scent that creates memories and reminiscence of a kiss on the neck on a balmy summer evening.


Coconut Oil Base (perfect for sensitive skin)

Scent description:

Top: Spruce, Tonka`
Heart: Light Anise, Lavender
Base: Warm Vanilla, Amber


"Best perfume I’ve ever owned. I tried the tester for this perfume in store in tofino with a friend, and an hour later we were still smelling our wrists and obsessing over this scent! It is the perfect blend for people who want their perfume noticed but in a way that is so lovely and subtle. I went back the same day and purchased the roll on, and it has lasted me 7 months so far (with just under half the bottle left) and I apply it almost every day. I will definitely be purchasing again and again!" - Hailey

"I’ve now purchased 6 Balmy Summer roll-ons in my lifetime. I keep multiples (at least one at home and for one for my purse). I actually bought 2 today from the Coast Goods because I was down to my last one and can I just say, the new packaging is super cute! This is my signature scent and every single time I put it on, I *still* cannot get over how much I love the smell. Oh and it’s not just a summer scent. It has a really cosy year round vibe that I love." -Delna

"Lovely! This burst of orangey goodness makes me smile everytime I apply it! Reminds me of eating a slice of orange olive oil cake with a hint of spicy vanilla! Works wonders in wintertime when I need a mental escape from the snow. It doesn't last very long on me but I just reapply whenever I need a pick me up :)"

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